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Turkish Journal of Geosciences

Turkısh Journal of Geosciences (TURKGEO)

 is an interdisciplinary bi-annually published journal. The journal includes a wide scope of information on scientific and technical advances in all areas related to geosciences. TURKGEO aims to publish pure and applied research in geosciences.

TURKGEO is a double peer-reviewed (blind) OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL that publishes professional level research articles and subject reviews exclusively in ENGLISH. It allows authors to submit articles online and track their progress via web interface. All manuscripts will undergo a refereeing process; acceptance for publication is based on at least two positive reviews.

The journal publishes research and review papers, professional communication, and technical notes and does not charge any article submission and processing fees.

Authors should get ORCID ID (https://orcid.org/register) before submitting their manuscripts. 

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Open Journal of Nano

Open Journal of Nano

The Open Journal of Nano is deal with knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena and processes related to particles, tubes, layers, macromolecules, clusters and other finite structures that have at least one lengthscale ranging from molecular to nanoscale, and exhibit improved and novel properties that are a direct result of their small size.

The journal aims to also publish mini papers (but not limited to) at the forefront of nanoscale science and technology and especially those of an interdisciplinary nature. Mini articles which are very short papers (no longer than 4 pages) containing useful data, descriptions or other information that are too limited to carry a full research article.