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Open Journal of Nano

Open Journal of Nano

The Open Journal of Nano is deal with knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological phenomena and processes related to particles, tubes, layers, macromolecules, clusters and other finite structures that have at least one lengthscale ranging from molecular to nanoscale, and exhibit improved and novel properties that are a direct result of their small size.

The journal aims to also publish mini papers (but not limited to) at the forefront of nanoscale science and technology and especially those of an interdisciplinary nature. Mini articles which are very short papers (no longer than 4 pages) containing useful data, descriptions or other information that are too limited to carry a full research article.

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Advanced Journal of Science and Engineering

Advanced Journal of Science and Engineering (Adv. J. Sci. Eng.); eISSN: 2717-0705

is a multidisciplinary international research journal covering all fields of basic sciences and engineering established by SciEng Publishing Group. This double-blind peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a  rapid-processing platform for researchers from all around the world to share their latest findings. The journal policy is Open Access based with no article processing charges and all published articles of this journal are freely available for readers through online system at the journal homepage; http://www.ajscieng.com without any subscription fee.

Adv. J. Sci. Eng. has been publishing Quarterly (4 issues per year) accepting all Original Research and Review Articles in addition to Short Communications and Letters.